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Smoothfab is the fabrication arm of Smoothedge SA

Smoothedge has been in the South African metal industry for over 50 years.


With our long service life we have fabricated a wide variety of products for architectural applications such as Catering Tables, Electrical Boxes, Stainless Steel Cladding, Stainless Steel Curtain Walling, Decorative Column Cladding, Kick Plates, Push Plates for doors and a variety of other applications.


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Metal Fabrication

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what we do

Architectural Sheet Metal Fabricators and Finishers

Our State of the art metal fabrication services include Sheet Metal Bending, Rolling, Welding, Cutting and Shearing, Milling and Turning.  Our capabilities include the ability to fabricate metals in a wide range of materials from Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Galvanised and exotic materials.


We offer Powder Coating in most metal products as well as a state of the art anodising line for aluminium.



Metal services, services available
CAD Design, sheet metal design, 2d drawings, 3d drawings, 2 d drawings, 3 d drawings, sheet metal drawings, weights, mass, surface area
waterjet, laser, guillotine, guillotining, cnc water jet, cnc waterjet, cnc laser, cnc laser cutting, laser cutting, kick plates, curtain wall
metal bending, metal forming, cnc bending, cnc metal bending, stainless steel bending, aluminium bending, brass bending, copper bending

CAD Design

Metal Cutting

Metal Bending

We offer Sheet Metal Design for our line of architectural metal fabrication


Through our accumulated knowledge and highly technical staff we can offer a solution to your computer aided sheet metal design.  We can either design the product for you or you could upload your drawing in our contact area.


Most file formats available.


We offer Cutting, mitre cutting, Guillotining and CNC Waterjet


Through our accumulated knowledge and highly technical staff we can offer you just about any solution.  We offer products such as door kick plates, push plates and curtain walling.


We offer shearing in Aluminium, Brass and Mild Steel up to 3mm and Stainless Steel 1,5mm.


We are proud to offer a custom metal bending service, expertly hand form, press brake bending and roll forming in a full range of item specifications.  We can handle prototypes through high volume production runs.


Bending Capacity

Maximum lengths of 2,5m

Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Mild Steel up to 3mm

Stainless Steel up to 1,5mm


3 axis, cnc milling, part milling, stainless steel milling, brass milling, copper milling, solid block milling, additive manufacturing
metal turing, cnc turning, stainless steel turning, lathe, internal boring, brass turning, copper turning, metal lathe
MIG, TIG, Arc welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, sheet metal welding, aluminium welding, stainless steel welding, mild steel welding, brazing



Metal Welding

We offer full CNC Milling

CNC Milling offers a  responsive additive manufacturing processes with parts that are milled from Metal.  Part functionality and cosmetic appearance is of up-most importance to us.


During the machining process we take a solid block and cut it into the finished product.  We employ a 3 axis machine.


Metal Turning is an engineering process in which a cutting tool removes material

This operation is one of the most basic machining processes. That is, the part is rotated while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. Turning can be done on the external surface of the part as well as internally (boring).



We offer MIG, TIG and Arc welding


We offer MIG, TIG and Arc welding sheet metal in aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel


We also offer silver soldering and brazing of Brass and Copper.






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Product finishing, metal finishing, powder coating, metal coating, metal powder, powder metal, powder coating metal, aluminium powder coating
Anodising, Anodizing, metal anodising, aluminium anodising, aluminum anodising, coloured aluminium, colored aluminium, natural anodising


Powder Coating


Our Metal Assembly and production department is unparalleled in time management and quality


Through specialised welding, bending and cutting we offer a full service in making boxes, racking and other building and engineering services.  We can either use your design or help you create the perfect product for any job.










Powder Coating makes your purchase look better and last longer

Many issues inherent in liquid finishes are eliminated or minimised in powder coating.  Liquid finishes contain solvents and other volatile organic compounds.  Powder coatings contain no solvents and release negligible amount of, if any, VOC's into the environment.


We offer a variety of colours in powder coating and for quantity we can get whatever colour you desire.





Anodising is one of the more environmentally friendly metal finishing processes.  As a water-based process, it uses no VOC's, there are no vehicle solvents, no carrier resins and any pigmentation used in Anodising is created by extremely small amounts of dyes securely locked within the hard surface.  No halogenated hydrocarbons or similar toxic organics are used.


We offer a Natural anodising as well as colouring in a variety of shades of Gold, a Light Bronze (peanut colour), Dark Bronze (chocolate colour) and Black.

metal finishes, stainless steel finishes, aluminium finishes, mild steel finishes, brass finishes, bright finishes, polished metal

Metal Finishes

A variety of other finishes available such brushed or Mirrored.


We also offer dimpled, checked, many more and coloured in Stainless Steel.


Perforated sheet metal and tread plates



work done, capabilities, metal work done, metal capabilities, metal boxes, cad design, anodising, aluminium billets


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Some of our Products and Capabilities

We can offer a wide variety of service in Fabricated metal products.  We can manufacture to your needs or we can offer one of our standard product offering.  We do everything from one off products to production runs.

color matching, colour matching, drawing, Computer Aided Design, product assembly design

CAD Design

black anodising, gold anodising, double dip anodising, light bronze anodising, dark bronze anodising, blue anodising, orange anodising, red anod


Aluminium extrusion, aluminium extrusions, aluminum extrusions, aluminum extrusion, billets, solid bars, hexagon bars, square bars, tubes

Aluminium Billets

stainless steel welding, aluminium welding, aluminum welding, brass brazing, copper brazing, copper welding, brass welding

Metal Welding

Boxes, Architectural finishes, building finishes, floor finishes, pillar wraps, wall cladding, table tops, catering tables, laboratory tables

Metal Boxes

Profile bending, profiles bending, box bending, table bending, stainless steel bending, copper bending, brass bending, Aluminum bending, Alumini

Metal Bending

Metal milling, stainless steel milling, aluminium milling, cnc milling, aluminum milling, brass milling, copper milling, steel milling


stainless steel turning, aluminium turning, aluminum turning, brass turning, copper turning, fitter and turner

Metal Turning

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We can arrange for you to come to our office or can arrange a visit to your site.  Our reps and engineers technical knowledge is unsurpassed.


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